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The residencies program in Aparato de Arte has three modalities: research, production and immersion to Mexican art and culture.


Our residency is a meeting place for people interested in discussion, study and development of contemporary art, as well as an opportunity to connect with local artists and organizations.


The residencies are multidisciplinary and are not only limited to visual arts, therefore, scenic arts, film making, literature and similar projects are also encouraged to participate. We also welcome collaborative projects that aim to be developed by groups of people.


The research and production modalities are meant for artists, historians, researchers, art dealers, art managers, professors and any other cultural agents, from any country, willing to work on a personal project in Aparato de Arte in Guanajuato City, México.


Both the research and production residents will have the support of local advisors with whom to exchange ideas and experiences for the development of their projects.

The immersion to Mexican culture modality is aimed towards any person who wants to directly experience the Mexican culture and traditions. This residency has a free format that doesn’t require a research or production project.


To apply for the residence, it is necessary to download and read the informative dossier, as well as to fill out the application form. If you have trouble viewing the form from this page, try clicking here.

1- Download the informative dossier:

2- Fill out the application form:

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