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Dafne Valdivia

Artist and independent art manager. She has a Master’s degree in arts from the University of Guanajuato. She also has taken courses on film production, theatre, contemporary dance and various techniques in the area of plastic arts.

A perfectionist in process of liberation, she is interested in languages, movies and reading and is passionate about the artistic labor and its theories. She is the founder of Aparato de Arte.

María Fernanda Huerta Albarrán (Mafa)

She got a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish Letters from the University of Guanajuato; she’s been a high school teacher in different institutions, teaching subjects such as literature, history, drafting, and communication, among others.

A free time writer, scriptwriter, editor and style corrector. She likes book recommendations, music and movies and everything that can take her to new places.

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Aparato de Arte is a multidisciplinary professionalization center for the workers of contemporary art.

The Aparato de Arte community is comprised of people interested in the creation, research, management and diffusion of current artistic expression.

While we know that the creative act is spontaneous, we believe that our artistic practice can be directed. We want to develop new ways of interaction among ourselves in both a professional and personal basis in order to conform creative communities that could allow us to live (from) the art.

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Aparato de Arte

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